I am Katharine Burgin Personal Trainer and Family Fitness Instructor.
From here you can access all information you need to put you and your whole family on track to the body and healthy lifestyle you deserve.
Personal training should be far more than just someone being with you while you train.
As a personal trainer my aim is to be there to instruct you with the best techniques available, planning your
training outside of our time together and complete nutritional support to keep you in the best possible health and performance.
Through correct training regimes as a personal trainer I help people in North Yorkshire permanently lose unwanted body fat,
increase strength levels, reach sport specific goals or if desired build muscle, without dangerous drugs, faddish diets or ineffective gimmicks.
Not only am I a qualified Personal trainer I am a Childrens Fitness Instructor, and group Fitness Instructor.
I am also a qualified Metabolic Effect TM group instructor and Personal Trainer. The fitness industry has for such a long time had a simplistic,
one-size-fits-all dietary dogma of " eat less and exercise more". This is the weight loss game and it has failed miserably.
Metabolic Effect Inc. was founded on the idea that weight loss and fat loss are NOT the same.
We are each as different on the inside chemically as we are on the outside physically. Metabolic Effect recognizes this and works to help
people understand their unique metabolic processes so they can work with their metabolism, not against it.
Utilising bodyweight training ,Weights, stability balls, and many other tools along with cardiovascular training I am able to bring my clients
to excellent levels of functional fitness throughout North Yorkshire. I also have specialist qualifications for working with older clients and for GP referrals.
I am fully CRB checked and am able to provide fitness sessions for children
that are both fun and effective to help promote a lifelong love of exercise and good nutritional habits.
All training is undertaken on a very individual basis, working with your goals and around your lifestyle to make sure that you can achieve
these goals and get the results you want within realistic timeframes. Don't feel intimidated about starting exercise. Training with me
is a completely relaxed, and fun experience while you also get the results you want!